Figurative Furniture

Figurative furniture is something which disappeared throughout the last centuries. When looking at Baroque cabinets, for instance, there is a certain quality in recognisable figurative elements. As we stepped away from these decorative components, we went back to the essential needs of furniture which is more broadly seen as geometrical and abstract.

Furniture which has a reference to the culture it exists in is something Orson is intrigued by. With this project, the focus was on making a contemporary furniture set which reflected our current culture. In an obvious and literal way, Orson captured our obsession and dependence on screens. This container of communication is one of the key ingredients which shape our modern day culture.
Hereby the chair is based on the framework of a screen, it rests on cables which come from out of the screen. And as a screen, it carries an image. The image which is depicted onto the screen forms a widely recognisable pattern in the form of a simple grid, a no content grid.